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Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Profile Photo

LinkedIn is professional networking platform aims at creating a link between employees and job seeker. One of having created a LinkedIn account you are required to add your professional details so that you can be able to secure a relevant job. One of the important features that you should have in your LinkedIn profile is a profile picture. It is advisable that the photo that you choose should be profession because of the nature of the platform. The photo should have features that can increase your chances of getting hired. A professional profile photo will also give you an advantage over your competitors as it carries a message. Some people usually hate the idea of uploading their photon on the internet and also extends it to LinkedIn not knowing its importance. The article herein discusses some of the important reasons why you should include your photo in your LinkedIn profile.

Having a profile picture usually serves as a proof of authenticity. There are several spam accounts which have ulterior motive apart from finding a job. The owners of spam accounts in most cases lack a profile picture. The employer will, therefore, assume that your account is a spam and your motive is not to secure a job. Therefore, having a profile picture will act as a proof to the employer and consider hiring you if your professional qualifications match the job requirements.

LinkedIn is a global networking platform, therefore, the chances of finding people whom you share names with are high. You might have met an employer who is interested in giving you a job, and he/she can only recognize you using your name or photo. Therefore, to ensure that the employer does not mistake you, you should have a photo that will be used to create the distinction. Therefore, you should not lack of a profile picture be the reason for your joblessness.

Some of the employers use the profile photo to tell more information about you such as gender. There are some job opportunities which are specific regarding sex and age. The profile picture should also be consistent with the photos that your use in other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Having a profile picture will prevent you from wasting time going for an interview and being sent away because of gender.

The number of profile visitors is high in profile with profile pictures. To be make your profile more attractive to the employers you should ensure that you have a good profile photo. The higher the number of visitors to your profile the higher you are chances of getting hired. The key to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits is uploading a professional profile photo.

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