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Reasons Why Social Media Is One Of The Best Platforms For Auto Dealerships If you try to walk into any kind of auto dealerships, you will probably see a car salesman trying not to look bored and trying to act all happy after waiting for hours and hours on his desk for people to walk in and try to look at cars that they can purchase for themselves, You may have also overheard their sales managers telling them these stuff below: It is a waste of time to splurge into social media Social media is never a means to have some traffic going on
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Social media will never be a partner for auto dealerships
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If you’ve already went inside a ton of auto dealerships businesses, you may have probably wondered as to how the sales managers address their employees whose jobs are to wait on their desks for potential customers to come inside the store. If you hear sales managers talking about how social media is not useful for their employees to bring in traffic to their businesses, you would then probably wonder as to how much traffic advertisements and television commercials have given to their business. This would then obviously lead to the most important question: how much has the outbound marketing benefited for them since we only see those salesmen and saleswomen getting bored about the fact that they have not interacted with customers yet since the last few hours of being on duty? Unluckily, these car dealerships have been working like those people long ago who passionately wait for buggy buyers to buy their horses. Back then, when there was no technology and whatnot, travelers would seek for local livery stables to buy horses or buggies from. These livery stables back then had their own blacksmiths to do some repairs on horseshoes and buggies and they also have stable hands to have the horses of the customers curried. The livery stable owner is responsible for the selling and renting of the horses in the livery stable. They usually communicated the livery stable to people across their place through the use of signage, referrals to other folks in town, and newspapers. Lets us now tackle on the twentieth century. People in the twentieth century have already made use of vehicles to help them transport from one place to another. Livery stables during that time were already inefficient. Social media then emerged as technology was introduced to better the civilization that human beings experience today. It is insane and close minded to think that social media can never help out with regards to the business growth through the marketing strategies that they use for their products and services to be known worldwide.