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How to use the multiple auto insurance quotes to find the best deals

It’s perhaps difficult to remember the world only twenty years ago but, in that time, we have moved from a paper-based form of communication to the internet age and digital communication systems.

This is a revolution. Those who like the internet say this is a good revolution. It’s easier to find what you are looking for. Those who are less certain of the internet’s value point to the vast amount of information that can quickly bury you. Let’s take the phenomenon of auto insurance quotes to understand the potential problem. There are literally hundreds of websites offering to supply you with free auto insurance quotes online. If you select four or five, and obtain multiple sets of quotes from the leading insurers, this could rapidly give you hundreds of quotes to compare. According to the supporters of the internet, that’s a good thing. Well, it can be so long as you know how to compare the different sets of quotes to get the best results.

The standard website offers instant auto insurance quotes.

Instead of linking you with a human being who will look at your information and recommend a policy that will work for you, everything is automated. You are given a standard questionnaire to complete, i.e you will not be asked as many questions as an agent would ask. The computer sends out auto insurance quotes based on your age, sex, zip code, and the make and model of your vehicle. It’s a standardized package. Nevertheless, there can be significant differences in the premium rates quoted. Some will be cheap auto insurance. Others will be a lot more expensive. Insurance companies assess risk differently.

Start by keeping good records of what cover you ask for. Comparison is only an effective tool if you are comparing like with like. So, for example, you need to compare all the quotes for $x amount of liability cover, with a deductible of $y, driving a particular make and model. You will get very misleading results if you compare the annual premium for the minimum liability cover with liability cover paying out up to $1 million. Remember you are looking for the best value-for-money coverage and not just the lowest premium rate you can find (which will always be for the mandatory minimum liability cover). This means you must keep a copy of all the answers you give to the different questionnaires and collect all the quotes that come back to those questions. That way, you always know which auto insurance quotes respond to each set of questions. Now look carefully at the terms and conditions of each offer. Finally check out the website of your local Insurance Commissioner. You need to know whether the insurer selling the cheap auto insurance has a bad track record of complaints upheld against it. Never buy cheap auto insurance from a company with a bad record.