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Tips for Selecting a Trucking Company Being a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer, getting your products to market is one of toughest problems you face. With above 80% of consumer goods moved by truck, it’s highly possible that you will require the services of a trucking company sooner than later. However, It’s also possible that you already have your own network of reliable companies that you transact business with. But what if things change, either with the trucking company or your needs? You’ll need to search for a new freight transportation partner, and the longer you do, the more you can lose. For a speedier search, make the following three crucial considerations:
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Yes, there are plenty of newer trucking companies that have the capability to carry your products. But if you must lower your risk of running into problems that only experience can eradicate, look for a company that’s been in business for no less than five years. Don’t hesitate looking up their customers and calling them for feedback. Service Level It’s wrong to go with a trucking company just because they promise to transport your cargo by a specific time. It’s the grand total of the services they provide that makes a significant difference when you must choose one. You should be asking questions like, do you offer staging or storage or any options that can bring down my costs? Will you let me track my shipment en route? When I call, will I be able to talk to a real live company representative? Customer Service When looking for a new supplier, you’ll probably need to make many phone calls, go to many meetings and maybe visit a lot of different facilities. And each and every time, you’ll throw in a few questions. Pay attention to both the answers and how they were provided. You can tell much about how a trucking company will likely treat your business just by observing how you are treated personally by its representatives. Surely, there are far more basic criteria that you can use to pick the best trucking company for your business. Do they operate in your markets, for example? What are your costs? Is the company equipped to meet any special requirements you may have? The more attention you pay to all the above, the more you’ll find a company you’ll be happy to do business with. Of course, there are many options out there nowadays. But you can begin by zeroing in on two or three key prospects and making comparisons. Comparison is great because it lets you see who’s really the best for you. Keeping the above tips in mind, it will be a lot easier to make a choice.