A guide to finding cheap auto insurance

The economy continues to struggle. For all the recession hit in 2017, unemployment remains a problem and money is tight. We all need to budget carefully to ensure we pay down our debts and keep our costs under control. Since we cannot legally drive on the roads without a minimum policy in place, we all need to find cheap auto insurance. The following tips should help you reach that goal.

1. Shop around

Only by getting multiple auto insurance quotes can you hope to find the cheapest rates. However, having found the cheapest rates offering reasonably wide coverage, you must then be prepared to change insurance companies. It is pointless to look for cheaper alternates if you are not prepared to give up your current more expensive policy.

2. Look for bundling options

All insurance companies give discounts if you give them more of your business. This falls under two headings. The first is offering to insure more than one vehicle. This is a balance. If all the named drivers are experienced and have good track records, insuring two or more vehicles can produce substantial savings. Indeed, it can literally pay you not to sell an older vehicle. Reducing the number of vehicles insured can lose you your cheap auto insurance rates. However, if you propose to add a teen driver, get quotes to see whether the rise in rates is acceptable. The second possibility is to insure both your home and vehicles with the same company. This usually produces savings of not less than ten percent.

3. Investigate the pay-as-you-drive policies

The best companies have a track record of offering up to 40% reductions in rates. When should should sacrifice your privacy to make these savings? Plugging a monitor into your vehicle confirms whether you have a low mileage. Cheap auto insurance rates are available for everyone with a below-average mileage, particularly if you drive at off-peak times. The second advantage comes when you prove how safe a driver you are. Since insurance is all about the risk of you making a claim, the better your driving skills, the lower the rates you earn.

4. Read the small print

Although pay-as-you-drive policies are easy to understand, many of the cheap auto insurance policies can be difficult. The reason is to quietly make it difficult for you to claim. When you choose the cheapest of the auto insurance quotes, you can be choosing an insurer that defines the risks narrowly, places limits on the amounts you can claim. and imposes conditions on the claims process. Before you buy a policy based solely on the cheapness of the annual premium rate, check the site of your state’s Insurance Commissioner to see whether there are complaints about the insurer. Do not buy if there are multiple complaints upheld. Buy an affordable policy from a reliable insurer.