Cheap auto insurance online shopping tips

Cheap auto insurance online shopping tips

No matter where you go, you always see ads for auto insurance.

All of them tell you there are better offers out there. Check out these insurers. They will give you better value for money. The assumption is always that you are currently paying too much for your coverage, but the ads always leave it to you to do the basic work. Fortunately with an internet connection and an hour, it’s relatively easy to check out what the going rates are. This applies whether you are applying for the first time or coming round to renewal.

Think of the internet as a door through which you can pick up information about cheap auto insurance rates and the companies that offer them.

For all the hundreds of sites offering information and quotes, there are actually only two ways to buy a policy. You either contract directly with the insurer or you use a properly licensed agent to broker a deal for you. Even in 2013, the Insurance Information Institute confirms the number of people buying online is still a significant minority (about 20% of new policies). Most people continue to buy through an agent or simply renew when the notice comes in through the mail. To get reliable auto insurance quotes, you need to put together an information pack and then keep proper records as you go through questionnaires, changing some of the variables to test the effects on the premium rates. Start with full details of the make and model of your vehicle, the year of manufacture and whether any additional anti-theft or other safety devices have been fitted. Some insurers ask for the vehicle identification number. You will need the address where the vehicle will be kept overnight. If there are to be multiple drivers, you will need their license numbers and the date when they were first licensed.

As a precautionary measure, it’s worth getting a free copy of your credit history to make sure there are no mistakes. Remember the insurers will all check your credit score and increase the auto insurance quotes if your score has fallen. You may also get a lower quote if you have a low mileage. Keep proper records of how many miles a year you drive or think about signing up for a pay-as-you-drive policy. Now think about what variables to explore. You can start with the current deductible and then test to see how much the rate falls if you increase it. You may also look at reducing the amount of cover, particularly if you own an older vehicle outright. Before you input any personal information, look for the SSL lock on the page. Identity theft is a real problem. Now input the different sets of answers and, when the quotes come in, make sure you keep them in proper order. You always want to compare like-with-like to find the cheap auto insurance deals.