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Cheap auto insurance for your age

Auto Insurance is based on an estimate of the risk you will be involved in an accident and make a claim.

If you are young and only learning how to drive, you are more likely to make mistakes. Although you can go through approved defensive driving courses and learn all the theoretical strategies, there’s no substitute for experience. Unfortunately, while you are acquiring this experience, everyone else on the road is at risk. This is reflected in the auto insurance quotes sent out to teens. At the other end of the age scale, people begin to find their eyesight less sharp, particularly at night. Reflexes also slow down and people no longer react so quickly in an emergency. Because of their experience, older drivers usually compensate by driving more slowly. This means their accident rate is one of the lowest across the age range up to the age of 74. Better still, even if there’s a collision, the damage to the vehicles involved and the passengers is always less because the collision takes place at lower speeds. Unfortunately the statistics show the accident rate rises rapidly after 75 and soon matches that of the under 25s. For this reason, many insurers have either an official or unofficial practice of discouraging drivers over the age of 80. So what can be done to find or keep cheap auto insurance?

As a teen learning to drive, the cheap auto insurance solution is to be added to your parents’ policy as named driver on the family saloon only.

If you want your own vehicle, you should pick a make and model attracting low auto insurance quotes. Anything which can accelerate fast is going to be expensive to insure. As a student, you should also earn the relevant discounts by going on an approved driving course and maintain a good GPA. Then it’s just down to driving safely. As long as you avoid picking up tickets and do not make any claims, the rate will fall. However, if you delay buying cover in your own name, you delay building up your own rack record. You only earn the lowest auto insurance rates when you are the insured.

As you approach your senior years, monitor how well you drive. Listen if friends or family worry about you. This may be a sign you should go on an upgrading course to learn how to drive within your new physical limitations. This will also get you practical advice on whether you can adapt or modify your vehicle to make it safer to drive. At all points, you should liaise with your insurer. The more you show yourself taking action to keep yourself safe on the roads the longer you will enjoy the cheap auto insurance rates. This is particularly important if you have health issues. You have a legal duty to tell the insurer if anything has happened which might make you less safe. If you fail to tell the insurer, this can lead to difficulties if you later claim.