Car Insurance Quotes Colorado

Car Insurance Quotes Colorado

Colorado Insurance is an option worth investigating for car insurance quotes.

They’re a nationally-recognized company with a reputation for excellence across the board.

Colorado offers many different options for car insurance. Their liability coverage protects you from damage that you do to others, or to property. Limits are offered per bodily injury, per accident, and total property damage. This can protect from bills incurred due to medical expenses, emergency aid, legal fees, income loss, and even funeral fees.

For more protection, Colorado also has collision and comprehensive policies.

Collision coverage pays for damages to your own car resulting from an accident. After paying a deductible, insurance pays for the rest of the costs, up to the total estimated value of the vehicle. This amount is determined when first enrolling in a policy. Collision policies can be made more affordable by adjusting the deductible. Higher deductibles result in lower monthly car insurance quotes, but still offer the same coverage. Remember, though, that the amount you will have to pay up front in case of an accident will be higher. Deductibles can range from zero to $1000.

Comprehensive policies covers all the possibilities that aren’t addressed by collision coverage. This generally includes any damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. It also includes damage from a rock cracking a windshield, theft, or vandalism. Even damage from falling objects can be covered. Sound ridiculous? What about a tree limb breaking off onto the hood of your car during a particularly violent thunderstorm? As with collision, comprehensive coverage can be made more affordable by adjusting your deductible.

Addtionally, Colorado offers medical payments coverage. This can help pay for medical expenses resulting from an accident, no matter who’s at fault. It can cover not only you but also any passengers or family members who were in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Finally, Colorado provides underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. This offers protection against drivers who don’t carry enough insurance to protect themselves, but who are at fault in an accident. Those who are at fault are liable for all damages, but what if their limits aren’t high enough to repair your vehicle? That’s where Colorado comes in to bridge the gap.