Auto insurance quotes FAQ

Auto insurance quotes FAQ

What is insurance?

This is a contract between you and a company. So long as you pay the agreed premium installments, the insurer pays out if you have an accident in one of the circumstances described in the policy.

How are the rates calculated?

There are decades of statistics showing how accidents occur, what makes and models are most likely to be involved, and who is driving. This allows insurers to predict the likelihood someone of your age and driving experience will have an accident and so set a general rate for all drivers like you.

What are discounts for?

Auto insurance quotes start with the general rate and then reduce it if you are eligible for any of the standard discounts. This gives a more personal rate based on who you are rather than on you as a member of a large group.

What is the purpose of an auto insurance quote?

This is a formal offer from the insurance company to insure you on the terms set out in the quote. You are free to accept or reject this quote.

Can you ask for clarification of the quote?

Before you accept the quote, you are free to ask whatever questions you want. Indeed, you should always make sure you understand exactly what you are buying. Remember you cannot accept some parts of the quote and reject others. It’s all or nothing.

What should you do if you want to reject part of the quote?

All auto insurance quotes are offered on a take-it-or-leave it basis. It’s your right to negotiate. If this produces a new quote with terms you now approve, accept this version. If the insurer will not offer you the terms you want, try a different insurer.

What will be included in the auto insurance quotes?

The first section will contain your personal details. You should always check these are correct. Any mistake, say as to your age or zip code, could deny you access to cheap auto insurance rates. There will then be references to the extent of the cover you have asked for. Some quotes set out the basic terms on offer. Others refer you to the website where relevant parts of the policy will be available for you to read. Never buy if the definitions of the risks covered are narrow or there are difficult conditions to fulfill before you can claim for an accident. If you buy and only later discover the problems, you cannot complain. The relevant terms were available for you to read. If you chose not to, that is your fault. Finally, the offer will tell you how much you have to pay and set out the payment methods.

Have all the right discounts been included?

Again this comes down to you to check. Cheap auto insurance comes when you have earned low rates by your safe driving and further reduce your payment by the discounts. If you are not sure the quote contains all the discounts, ask before you buy.