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Howie’s Homestay Villas For a Memorable Honey Moon

Anyone who has been involved in making wedding plans will tell you that the whole process can be a little involving and it is possible that the bridal couple might end up feeling tired and worn out after a colorful wedding ceremony. Whoever came up with the idea of honey moon immediately after a wedding ceremony must have been one smart person,they must be familiar with the freshly married couple’s need to get away from all the wedding day’s exhaustion into some hideaway such as Howe’s Homestay ,a Chiang Mai’s Luxury Resort where they will get to start their new lives and make fond memories together.

There must be a reasons a lot of people think enjoying your honey moon from the comfort of this Chiang Mai Luxury Resort is one fantastic idea. It doesn’t matter whether it is January or December,all it takes is two souls who care for each other to ignite the spark of their love in Chiang Mai’s Howe’s Homestay-a luxury resort.

There must be reasons why Thailand is the most preferred tourist destination in Asia Pacific and ensconced in the serenity of Chiang Mai’s private boutique hotel- Howie’s Homestay-it won’t take long before you find out.

This Thai holiday resort is a sanctuary of serenity,striking beauty and top notch service. Just imagine having to wake up every morning to the breath taking beauty of the lush,green foothills of the mighty Himalayas?

There are other luxury hotels in Chiang Mai but Howie’s Homestay Villas is just different from the hotel’s splendid architecture to its authentic Thai food and spectacular gardens. Howe’s Homestay is one of the 5 star facilities in the area and during your stay you will get to appreciate the diverse fauna and flora that makes this place what it is-beautiful and memorable.

The hotel was designed by one of the greatest architects of exotic resorts,Bill Bensely, and has been constructed in a way that offers you all the privacy and security you need for your full personal enjoyment.

If you are an Eco-tourism enthusiast, this hotel will not disappoint.

Staying at Howie’s Homestay will make you feel at home away from home,and in this kind of serenity,it will not be hard to hold meaningful conversations with your family or significant other. There is no way to forget anything that you and your woman will do,experience or agree at Howie’s Homestay-memories are made of this.

Staying at Howe’s Homestay Villas will give you an opportunity to connect with your loved one in a way that brings you together for good.